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Filter Recipe Article QuickStart (Nokia Imaging SDK)

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This article shows how easy it is to create a new filter recipe and share it with the world in a Nokia Developer Wiki article.

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Windows Phone 8
Created: Rob.Kachmar (28 Jun 2014)
Last edited: Rob.Kachmar (19 Aug 2014)


Get the test apps (5 minutes)

Read through the Test Apps for Viewing Custom Filters (Nokia Imaging SDK) article to get the test viewer apps as well as a quick overview on using them.

Design the Filter Recipe (n minutes)

The time it takes to complete this step depends on the quantity and quality of the contribution.

Remember, as the test app article above mentions, add a new case branch with your filter recipe in the switch statement of both the NokiaImagingSDKEffects.cs and SDKCustomEffects.cs classes. Also remember to increment the default value of the m_EffectCount variable by one in each class.

case 50:
EffectName = String.Format(nameFormat, (m_EffectIndex + 1), "Kaleidoscope");
filters.Add(new RotationFilter(90));
filters.Add(new MirrorFilter());
filters.Add(new RotationFilter(90));
filters.Add(new MirrorFilter());

Save and upload images (5 minutes)

  1. Use your phone's default camera to capture a picture that you want to enhance with your filter
  2. In the test apps solution explorer, right-click the StaticFilterViewer project and select Set as StartUp Project
    FilterRecipeArticleQuickStart Screenshot StartUpProject.png
  3. Now load up the StaticFilterViewer app onto your phone and choose the image you captured earlier
  4. Cycle through the effects until you get to your filter, then save the image
  5. Now pull the original and filter-enhanced images off your phone or your OneDrive if it automatically uploaded them
  6. In the Nokia Developer Wiki, expand the Tools menu on the left-hand pane and select Upload file
    FilterRecipeArticleQuickStart Screenshot WikiFileUpload.png
  7. Now follow the Upload Wizard to add your images onto the Wiki
  8. After you finish uploading the images, you will be presented with file links to the images. Make note of the file names that the Wiki assigned them, because you will be using them when you create your article below.
    FilterRecipeArticleQuickStart Screenshot WikiFileUploadFileNames.png

Create the article (5 minutes)

Go to this article, Basic Kaleidoscope Filter Recipe (Nokia Imaging SDK) and click the Edit tab toward the top right. Then copy everything in the Wikitext tab into a plain text file, and make the following changes.

Line(s) Section Description
1 Abstract Create a short one-line description about the filter
7 ArticleMetaData List the devices you used to test the filter
20 ArticleMetaData The date you created the article in the format YYYYMMDD
21 ArticleMetaData Your Nokia user name in the format User:username
28 Introduction Describe what effect your filter achieves, and a summary about how to construct it
32 Introduction Display the most impressive image output from the filter
41-45 Source code If your recipe only involves using filters based on IFilter, then just edit these few lines accordingly
85-87 Performance List out the devices you tested with and the FPS of the filter through the real-time camera view
94-95 Gallery Reference all the cool images you uploaded showing the before and after effects of your filter

Add the article to the Wiki (5 minutes)

  1. In the Nokia Developer Wiki, click the Create New Wiki Page button on the left-hand pane
  2. Now in the main window there will be a search box. Type in the title you want for your article and click Go
    FilterRecipeArticleQuickStart Screenshot NewWikiPage.png
  3. If the title has not been used, you will be presented with your page title as a link at the bottom of the results. Click the link to create your page
    FilterRecipeArticleQuickStart Screenshot NewWikiPageCreatePage.png
  4. In the Wikitext tab of your page, delete all the text and replace it with the article you created above
    FilterRecipeArticleQuickStart Screenshot WikiPageText.png
  5. Now scroll to the very bottom and click on the Save page button
  6. Scroll through your article to make sure everything is in order as you expect
  7. Now click the Edit tab toward the top right
    FilterRecipeArticleQuickStart Screenshot EditWikiPage.png
  8. Scroll down to the Category section, uncheck Draft and select Windows Phone 8
  9. Then start typing Nokia Imaging in the text box, and select Nokia Imaging SDK Filter Recipes when it pops up
  10. Now scroll to the very bottom and click on the Save page button

That's it!

I told you it was fast and easy. Now tell all your friends about your great new filter recipe article on the word-renowned Nokia Developer Wiki!

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