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Fmobi Qt Quick Facebook client - app showcase

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The fMobi app is a Qt Quick Facebook client. This article describes the main elements of the app design.

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Created: jkosonen (25 Mar 2012)
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This article describes the UI of the application fMobi. fMobi is a Facebook client that tries to bring easy to use UI with full of features.

It has logical and consistent navigation structure. There's back button in every view to go back where you were previously.

Home screen has shortcut to all important features so you are always one click away from key functions


UI Flow

There are so many views incuded in fMobi that's impossible get image of everything, but you should download the app and use it, and find the all cool stuff included.

Qt Quick Components

when the application project started almost year ago, there weren't Qt Quick components and the whole UI was quite different.

But time has run and now the application uses many Qt Quick components.

There is different dialogs, loading screens, inputs, text areas, info popups.

I think most creative parts where Qt Quick components are used are the info banner that popups when user get chat messages or notifications etc. Other creative use of components is the fast chat conversation switcher which also shows which conversations have new messages.

Custom components

Because this application is made to work in Symbian^1, Maemo MeeGo and S^3, Anna, Belle phones there's not overload of components because those doesn't work in S^1 & Maemo.

This is application's problem and beauty. Some components looks like Qt quick components, but are actually custom made. Example the toolbar is custom component to make it work in all platforms.

Buttons are custom components so those can have custom color to fit better to the "Facebook blue" theme of the app. Very neat version of the custom button is used in textboxes where theres "half button" clued to the textarea.

One cool custom component is the scrollable quick access toolbar which can be set on from the settings.

But like said previously there is so much features and views in the app, that you need to test it to see all the neat little things.


You can download this application from Nokia Store on below link:

Also Please follow
fMobi Homepage
fMobi Facebook page

Note.pngNote: This is an entry in the Symbian Qt Quick Components Competition 2012Q1

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