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Created: (12 May 2008)
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Foreca Ltd's mobile optimized is providing weather information for more than 80.000 predefined locations and also supports coordinate based weather information requests.

This enables any location aware mobile application or service an easy and costless way of providing web based weather information.

The coordinate based query provides a forecast, which is calculated exactly to the requested location (not just mapped to closest major location). Furthermore, observation for the nearest observation station is provided as well as all graphical animations. Service covers any location on the globe.

The offering for Nokia Developer developers includes all supported runtimes:
- Symbian C++ (eg. using Browser Control API)
- Java
- Flash
- Web Runtime

There are 2 APIs available:

Free of charge linking to the site

Linking to their service can be done by GPS coordinate location information (Latitude / Longitude)

Note that current conditions will be provided only if there is an observation available within reasonable distance (approx. 70 km).


lat latitude of the requested location, decimal number -180 - 180, positive = north, for example -126
lon longitude of the requested location, decimal number -180 - 180, positive = east for example 23.56
name parameter is optional and can be used to give a friendly name for the location. If name is not present, coordinates of the location will be shown as title.
lang parameter is optional and has effect only if the user has not accessed the service before (cookie carries lang after first visit). Currently following languages are supported: en,fi,sv,de,fr,it,es,pt_pt,pt_br,th,zh,nl,pl,ru,ja and la.

NaviWeather platform access for tailored offering

Subject to business discussion, Foreca offers different levels of access to their NaviWeather platform.

For more information visit Foreca Mobile Developer Web pages.

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