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Funambol DM Server

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Created: kiranmudiyam (29 Jun 2007)
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The Funambol DM server is a full implementation of the SyncML DM protocol, and contains demo interface that allows you to explore its protocol implementation.

The installation of Funambol DM server requires following steps:

The following softwares should be installed for Funambol DM Server:

Java Development Kit 1.4.x or 1.5.x

Application Server JBoss 3.0.x or 3.02.x

JDBC Compatible Database

Funambol DM Server 3.0.4 or newer

Set the follwing environment variables:

<JAVA_HOME> This is the directory where the Java Development Kit is installed. Ex: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0

<J2EE_HOME> This is the directory where the application server resides. For a jBoss installation this is the directory where jBoss resides. Ex: C:\jboss-3.2.7

<DM_SERVER_HOME> The directory where the syncserver implementation resides. For a unbundled installation this is Funambol\dm-server. Ex: C:\Funambol\dm-server

Configuring the Funambol DM Server properties:

open the <DM_SERVER_HOME>\ file. Note that commented lines are preceded by the number (#) symbol.

Specify the URL from which your clients access DM server Ex: If client is on the same system server-name=http: //localhost:<port>//funambol/dm

Specify the name of your JDBC compiant database Ex: dbms=postgresql

Finally uncomment and specify appropriate values for your database and save file.

Run the DM server installation in windows: At command prompt, open DM server home

cd C:\Funambol\dm-server

bin\install.cmd jboss32

You will be prompted several times; type y for "yes" for all questions. Finally you will recieve a message on successful installation.

Starting the Server

The following commands start the Funambol DM Server:

cd C:\Funambol\dm-server


To check that the Funambol DM Server is started, point a browser to http:// <server>:<port>/dmdemo (you should get the DM Demo welcome page).

To access the funambol DM server from a mobile phone please follow the instructions on (Page 3).

Note: If you face "invalid username or password" problem while accessing the funambol DM Server from the phone then you might need to add string "IMEI:" (Yes, with colon) with the IMEI number itself. For example, if the IMEI of the phone you are adding to the DM server is 1234567890123456 and you get a message of invalid username or password, while connecting the phone to DM server, then add IMEI of the phone again to server but this time add it like this "IMEI:1234567890123456"

Stopping the Server

Stopping the Funambol DM Server depends on the application server. For JBoss, if it is running in foreground, press Ctrl+C. If this fails, determine the process id and kill it with an operation system command or tools.


Funambol DM Server Administration Guide

Funambol DM Server DM Demo User’s Guide


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