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This package provides a Generic Bootstrapping Architecture (GBA) API for Symbian S60 devices. The GBA component supports Generic Bootstrapping Architecture specified by 3GPP TS 33.220 (Release 7) specification (available at http://www.3gpp.org) which provides a generic authentication and key agreement mechanism in the network access domain of a mobile network.

The GBA component is implemented in the client-server architecture and as DLL files. Besides the API it also provides a GBA HTTP Filter plug-in for the Symbian HTTP protocol stack.

The GBA HTTP Filter plug-in performs GBA-based HTTP Digest Authentication in accordance with section 5 of 3GPP TS 24.109 specification. Once the GBA HTTP Filter plug-in is installed on the device, applications that use Symbian HTTP protocol stack become automatically aware of GBA without any modifications (for example, Web Browser) and the authentication happens transparently to user when requested by the GBA-aware application web server. This eliminates the need for user to enter a user-name and a password to access the web site.

The API supports Symbian S60 3.1, 3.2, 3.2.3 and 5.0 devices.

The package contents

  • User’s guide document
  • SIS file containing DLL files of GBA components and GBA HTTP filter plug-in for installation on S60 phones
  • SDK ZIP file containing GBA API header file, DEF file and import library files for GBA-based application development with support for RVCT and GCC compiler toolsets
  • ZIP file of example GBA test application source code

Download the GBA API package.

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