Generating TBUF resources automatically

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Created: jsakkinen (15 Apr 2008)
Last edited: hamishwillee (23 Jul 2012)

The following sed-script generates TBUF-resources from file containing localized strings:

# If the line doesn't contain string declaration, skip it.
# Strip prefix.
# Strip postfix.
# Substitute to the TBUF declaration.
s/\(.*\)/RESOURCE TBUF r_\1 { buf = STRING_r_\1; }/

This script assumes that those strings that are meant to be declared as string resources are prefixed with STRING_r_.

For example, if you have rls-file:

rls_string STRING_foo_heading "Foo"
rls_string STRING_r_bar_heading "Bar"

The generated strings.rss will contain:

RESOURCE TBUF r_bar_heading { buf = STRING_r_bar_heading; }
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