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Following code sample can be used to retrieve application icons

Hearders Required:

#include <fbs.h> //CFbsBitmap
#include <aknsskininstance.h> //MAknsSkinInstance
#include <aknsutils.h> //AknsUtils

Library required:

LIBRARY fbscli.lib ///CFbsBitmap
LIBRARY aknskins.lib aknskinsrv.lib aknswallpaperutils.lib //MAknsSkinInstance ,AknsUtils

Source Code:

CGulIcon* CMyClass::GetApplicationIconL(const TUid& aAppUID)
CFbsBitmap* AppIcon(NULL);
CFbsBitmap* AppIconMsk(NULL);
MAknsSkinInstance* skin = AknsUtils::SkinInstance();
AknsUtils::CreateAppIconLC(skin,aAppUID, EAknsAppIconTypeContext,AppIcon,AppIconMsk);
return CGulIcon::NewL(AppIcon,AppIconMsk);

You could get application UIDs from TApaAppInfo, which you could get for example by using the code sample shown in here

A known issue:

The utility function doesn't need any capability if you are creating app icons of Symbian OS C++ applications. But when getting the app icons of Java applications the AllFiles capability is required. As it is less possible for a normal application to have AllFiles capability, it is suggested to add error handling code like this:

// first try to use the utility function
TRAPD(err, AknsUtils::CreateAppIconL(...))
// if it failed then use the traditional way
err = RApaLsSession::GetAppIcon();
// if both of them failed then
// load a default icon for the application

References How to get Application Icon using RApaLsSession

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