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Getting position data from TPositionInfoBase

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Devices(s): Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
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Capabilities: Location
Keywords: TPositionInfoBase, TPosition
Created: tepaa (06 May 2009)
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This snippet demonstrates two ways of using TPositionInfoBase:

  • getting the TPosition class from TPositionInfoBase
  • showing TPosition in textual format

Note: The Location capability is included in the self-signing capabilities of S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2 and newer platforms.

MMP file

The following libraries and capabilities are required:

LIBRARY lbs.lib


#include <LbsPositionInfo.h> 
#include <LbsPosition.h>
// Degrees sign delimeter used in formatting methods
_LIT(KDelimDegree,"\xb0"); // "°" symbol
// Dot delimeter used in formatting methods
_LIT(KDelimDot,"\x2e"); // "." symbol
// Plus sign delimeter used in formatting methods
_LIT(KDelimPlus,"\x2b"); // "+" symbol
// Minus sign delimeter used in formatting methods
_LIT(KDelimMinus,"\x2d"); // "-" symbol
// Quotation sign delimeter used in formatting methods
_LIT(KDelimQuot,"\x22"); // "\"" symbol
// Apostrophe sign delimeter used in formatting methods
_LIT(KApostrophe,"\x27"); // "'" symbol
const TInt KDegreeLength = 19;


void CMyClass::PositionUpdated(TPositionInfoBase& aPosInfo)
// Check if position information class type is TPositionInfo
if (aPosInfo.PositionClassType() & EPositionInfoClass)
// Cast the TPositionInfoBase object to TPositionInfo
TPositionInfo* posInfo = static_cast<TPositionInfo*>(&aPosInfo);
// Get position
TPosition position;
// Convert positions to the descriptors
TBuf<KDegreeLength> latitudeDegr;
GetDegreesString(position.Latitude(), latitudeDegr);
// Convert positions to the descriptors
TBuf<KDegreeLength> longitudeDegr;
GetDegreesString(position.Longitude(), longitudeDegr);

void CMyClass::GetDegreesString(
const TReal64& aDegrees,TBuf<KDegreeLength>& aDegreesString) const
const TReal KSecondsInMinute = 60.0;
const TInt KNumWidth = 3;
// If the aDegree is a proper number
if ( !Math::IsNaN(aDegrees) )
// Integer part of the degrees
TInt intDegrees = static_cast<TInt>(aDegrees);
// Positive float of the degrees
TReal64 realDegrees = aDegrees;
// Convert to positive values
if ( intDegrees < 0 )
intDegrees = -intDegrees;
realDegrees = -realDegrees;
// Minutes
TReal64 realMinutes = (realDegrees - intDegrees) * KSecondsInMinute;
// Integer part of the minutes
TInt intMinutes = static_cast<TInt>(realMinutes);
// Seconds
TReal64 realSeconds = (realMinutes - intMinutes) * KSecondsInMinute;
TInt intSeconds = static_cast<TInt>((realMinutes - intMinutes) * KSecondsInMinute);
// Check the sign of the result
if ( aDegrees >= 0 )
// Add the degrees
TInt64 value = intDegrees;
// Add the separator
// Add the minutes
value = intMinutes;
// Add the separator
// Add the seconds
value = intSeconds;
// Add the separator
// Add the separator
// Get six last digits
realSeconds -= intSeconds;
realSeconds *= 1000;
// Add the seconds
EDecimal, KNumWidth);


Position data is read from TPositionInfoBase.

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