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Gift Maker - app showcase

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Gift Maker creates a drawing card gift on your phone which you can share with your loved ones on facebook, via twitter or email. This article provides an overview of app functionality.

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Created: adrz1 (26 Mar 2012)
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Gift Maker provides leverages your capabilities to make gifts to your loved ones.

A gift is a drawing card, you can use backgrounds, texts, photos, stencils, and shapes (stars, animals, basic geometry etc.). After building your gift, you can share it on facebook, twitter or by e-mail.

The design of this app is based on the guides of Symbian, like the “Symbian iconography guidelines” and the “Symbian Design Guidelines” using the classic Symbian’s elements with the stencil package that Nokia’s developer page provides.

The entire application was designed using adobe illustrator tool. We use the “Symbian visual design stencils”, for have coherence on the appearance and the aesthetics of the Nokia Belle OS.

Our experience using Qt Quick Components

While we implemented the application, we found very easy to create stack based navigation (previous we had to use our from scratch components).

One problem we have was the context menus, we wanted to allow the user to select different options for a images such as use as background or use as modifiable picture, but we had to use backgrounds as backgrounds only and shapes as modifiable pictures.

Other issue was the creation of bigger buttons, that is, the facebook, twitter and mail buttons, that because Qt Quick Components has defined fixed sizes, so we build our own component for buttons.


We have not finished all what we would like to do, so, for this competition we will upload the application to our server. We expect to publish on ovi store near to 2 weeks.

Download the application from

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