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HERE Maps API - How to pan the map

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This article explains how to use the panning method on the map. Feel free to modify and utilize whole or partial for your own purposes!

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Devices(s): Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera
Platform(s): Web browser
Dependencies: HERE Maps 2.5.3
Keywords: HERE Maps, JavaScript, Panning
Created: Maveric (27 Jun 2011)
Updated: avnee.nathani (31 Dec 2011)
Last edited: jasfox (28 Nov 2013)



HERE Maps API supported web browser (basically any modern browser should do).

Example code

After the map is intiallised, a timer is set up setInterval (panTheMap, 300); to pan the pan three times a second. The panning code is shown below:

function panTheMap() {  
x = x + incX;
if (Math.abs(x) > 20 ){
incX = -incX;
y= y + incY;
if (Math.abs(y) > 20 ){
incY = -incY;
map.pan(0, 0, x, y);



To see the example in action:

For more on the HERE Maps API

Please check out the HERE Maps API full documentation and API reference here:

You may also access the interactive API explorer


Using the map panning feature you could create e.g. a game, where the map is moving and the user should e.g. find something on the map and click it before the area vanishes from sight, just an idea ;) develop your own =)? Side scrolling game...? =)

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