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HERE Maps API - How to use sprite images as map marker icons

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A sprite is a two-dimensional image or animation that is integrated or overlaid into a larger scene. This article shows how to overlay sprites over a map using the Nokia Map API's GFX library method.

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Created: Maveric (29 Nov 2011)
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The example code below will load an online icon pack image (iconPackUrl) and then use the Map API's GFX library method (gfx.BitmapImage) to pick up images out of the pack defined by a position and a size. These bitmaps will then be attached to map marker icons to be displayed onscreen.

The icon image is a free icon pack called "1945" and can be obtained in various image formats, one is located here:

Note: this image is partially edited for transparency.

Example Code

function addSpritesToMap(map){
var iconPackUrl = "./img/sprites.png";
// create an icon from the icon pack url, specify the size (30px x 30px) and an offset
// in the image where icon is (35px from the left border, 35px from the top).
greyPlaneBitmap = new nokia.maps.gfx.BitmapImage(iconPackUrl, null, 30, 30, 35, 35),
// create a second icon from the same url, specify the size (28px x 27px) and another offset
// in the image where icon is (5px from the left border, 72px from the top).
greenPlaneBitmap = new nokia.maps.gfx.BitmapImage(iconPackUrl, null, 28, 27, 5, 72),
// Create marker no 1
plane1 = new nokia.maps.geo.Coordinate(1.381667, 173.166944), {
icon: greyPlaneBitmap
// Create marker no 2
plane2 = new nokia.maps.geo.Coordinate(1.371667, 173.146944), {
icon: greenPlaneBitmap
// Create a new container
container = new
container.objects.addAll([plane1, plane2]);
map.set("baseMapType", map.SATELLITE);

To see this example online:


You can see sprite images a Map marker icons below.

MapImg2.png MapImg1.png

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