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The service

With the HTTP service the script can execute HTTP GET and HTTP POST methods. If the MIME type of the response is human readable text ("text/..."), the response is a string, otherwise it is binary. The output of the HTTP service can be processed with a filter. (See Archived:Advanced filters.)

The HTTP service can have the following service parameters that are configured in the XML configuration:

Service parameter Function
auth When using TOKEN authentication, the service id of the tokenauth type service must be set here. (See Archived:Token authentication in WidSets for an example.)

HTTP service has two actions that are called from the script code:

Service action Function
get get executes a HTTP GET to the URL specified.
post post executes a HTTP POST to the URL specified.

With get and post actions, additional request parameters can be added. In get, only the string type parameters will be appended to the querystring, and in post depending on the nature of the parameters they will be either sent as:

Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8

when all parameter values are strings


Content-Type: multipart/form-data

when there are also other types of parameter values than strings. The values of other types must be accompanied with the MIME type of the data.

Service actions

The following are the specifications for the available service actions.


/* Action get */

input = (use FetchInput)

output = (use Content)


/* Action post */

input = (use FetchInput)

output = (use Content)

  Content = (choice (string textContent)
                    (bytes dataContent)
                    (any filteredData)
                    (null noData))

  Headers = (list (repeat (bind (string name) (string value))))

  FetchInput = (list (bag (bind (const url)
                                (string urlToFetch))
                          (optional (bind (const params)
                                          (list (repeat (use RequestParameter))))) 
                          (optional (bind (const enccharset) 
                                          (string urlEncCharset)))
                          (optional (bind (const headers)
                                          (use Headers)))))

  RequestParameter = (bind (string paramName)
                           (choice (string paramValue)
                                   (int paramValue)
                                   (boolean paramValue)
                                   (list (string mimeType)
                                         (bytes data))))  

Code example

Archived:Example Http Service on WidSets

See also

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