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This article explains how to deploy a MeeGo application onto a device / N950



In this article first we will create a Hello World application for N950 using Qt SDK 1.1.2 installed on Windows XP SP2 system and then will deploy the application on to the device using WLAN.

Creating Hello World for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan

We assume that Harmattan components are already being installed, if not please go to QtSDK folder and click on SDKMaintenanceTool.exe. It will list the available components, select the Harmattan and go ahead with the installation. Once the Harmattan components are installed you are ready for development. Lets open Qt Creator.

Creating New Projects

  • Click on File->New File and Project
  • Select Qt Quick Project from Projects panel
  • Select Harmattan Application from right panel and click Choose button
  • Enter a name of the project and click Next button
  • Select the Harmattan SDK and click Next button and a default project will be created.
  • To make sure that the project has been created properly lets build the project.
  • Once we build the project it should create a .deb file in the project folder.

At this stage the project is ready to deploy on the device.

Connecting the Device to SDK

Here we will show how to configure the N950 so that it connects to the SDK through Qt Creator.

Activating developer mode

First we need to activate the developer mode in the device.

  • Switch on the device
  • Select Settings > Security > Developer mode, and activate Developer mode.
  • If any warning text displays select OK

Now the developer mode is activated and you can use the SDK Connectivity tool to connect your development host with your device. SDK Connectivity tool can be used to connect through USB and WLAN, here we will explain how to connect using WLAN.

Connect using a WLAN Connection

  • Enable the WLAN connection.
    a. Select Settings > Internet connection.
    b. Under the text No internet connection, select Connect.
    c. From the list of available WLAN networks, select the one you want to use.
  • Check that both your device and your computer are on the same subnet.
  • Start the SDK Connectivity tool from the Applications menu.
  • To connect your device to your computer, select WLAN. The SDK Connectivity tool displays the WLAN IP address and a generated password in the Connectivity Details view.
  • Make a note of the WLAN IP and password.

Configuring device access in Qt Creator

  • Click on Tools->Options
  • Select Maemo from the Options panel and click on Add button in the right panel
  • Enter a name and select Harmattan and Hardware Device.
  • Put the IP Address from the Connectivity Details view of the SDK Connectivity tool of the device and then click Next
  • Select No and click Next
  • Select Create New keys and click Next
  • Click on Create Keys button , once its done click on Next
  • Put the password from the Connectivity Details view of the SDK Connectivitytools of the device.
  • Click on Deploy Key button
  • Once you get the message that the key is deployed successfully then click on Next and Finish
  • At this stage Device Configuration Test will start automatically and once you get a message Device Configuration okay it means that the device is successfully configured with the SDK using the Qt Creator.

Note: If the message Could not connect to host is displayed, check your setting selections and make sure that the network is connected.

  • When the setup is finished, check that the settings are as follows
    a. Name : < name of the device>
    b. OS Type : Harmattan 
    c. Device Type :  Physical Device
    d. Authentication type: Key
    e. Host Name: <device IP address>
    f. SSH port: 22
    g. Free ports: 10000-10100
    h. Connection timeout: 30s
    i. Username: developer  
    j. Private Key File : <location of the key>

Deploying Application on to the Device

  • Click on Projects icon on the Qt Creator
  • Under Targets tag select Run
  • Check the Deployment, Create Package, Deploy to device, Run Confguration, Device Configuration are configure properly under Run Settigns
  • Click on Run (play button bottom left cornet of Qt Creator) to deploy the app on to the device.
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