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Hawaii cloud services for Windows Phone 7

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This article explains how to use the Hawaii cloud service for Windows Phone 7. The Hawaii project provides OCR, speech-to-text and relay services for non commercial use.

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Hawaii is a Microsoft research projects which enables researchers & students to develop cloud based mobile applications for windows phone 7. It provides the tools, services etc to enable to develop variety of applications.

The following cloud services are offered:

  • Optical Character Recognition(OCR) : This basically includes the identification of text from captured image which is sent to server & in return the server responds with the text as written on the image. A basic example application that could be thought using OCR is business card reader etc.
  • Speech To Text conversion(STT) : As the name suggests, speech to text conversion involves sending the speech data to server & in response we get the text as identified by it. A basic application example could involve voice command based functioning of features in mobile.
  • Relay Services : Provides a relay point in the cloud that mobile applications can use to communicate. It provides an endpoint naming scheme and buffering for messages that are sent between endpoints. It also allows for messages to be multicast to multiple endpoints.

Using the Hawaii cloud services

To use these services, download the Project Hawaii Services SDK & link it with your WP7 project. The SDK is available at the following link: Project Hawaii Services SDK

The SDK also includes the sample WP7 application for each of the supported cloud services.

For more information on how the services work and how to link them with a WP7 project, see: Project Hawaii. This link also contains a section through which one can download the 'How to' guides for using the cloud services.

Warning.pngWarning: The Hawaii Cloud Services can only be utilized for non-commercial purposes like in some research project, educational needs, personal projects etc. In any conditions it should NOT be used for commerical purposes (for example "paid for" apps). The full documentation & license disclaimer are included with the SDK.

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