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This Help topic explains how to change the boilerplate text that appears in the wiki editor when a new article is created (Wiki Administrators only).

Warning.pngWarning: Editing the boilerplate text is restricted to Wiki Administration. If you want to propose new boilerplate text, please discuss on the Feedback discussion board.


Wiki text is copied directly from the "boilerplate" page associated with the namespace into the wiki editor when a new page is created. To change the default text, just change the text in the boilerplate page.

Each namespace has its own template with the name format: Mediawiki:NameSpaceArticleTemplate, as shown below:

If no template is defined for a supported namespace then "blank" text is used. The template text in MediaWiki:NewArticleTemplateDefault is used for any other namespaces.

Support for boilerplate text is provided through Extension:NewArticleTemplates.


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