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Help:Deleting Pages

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Anyone can recommend that an article is deleted: actual deletion is carried out by wiki moderators and administrators following a review. Note however that article deletion is a last resort, and should usually be reserved for articles which do not meet the Community Standards and Participation Guidelines. If there is any doubt, you should instead add {{NeedsMoreWork}} to the page.

To recommend that an article is deleted:

  • Remove any links to the page from other articles (select What links here from the sidebar to find linking articles)
  • Add the text {{DeleteMe|reason for deletion}} to the top of the page, where reason for deletion is a comment explaining why you think the page should be removed

Tip.pngTip: When deleting high visibility articles, consider whether they are likely to be linked or externally bookmarked. In this case, it may be better redirect the page to an alternative, or replace it with text that points to a better article.

See {{DeleteMe|reason for deletion}} for more information and a list of topics that have been marked for deletion.