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Help:Embedding Video

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This Help page shows how to play videos and audio within the wiki, where the media can be hosted locally or on one of many popular video sharing sites.

The wiki provides Extension:MediawikiPlayer for embedding MP4 videos, MP3 audio and FLV files that can be hosted either locally or at a remote URL, and for playing youtube clips.

The wiki also supports Extension:EmbedVideo, however this is deprecated because the player does not handle display of embedded video on Lumia devices.

See the links above or sections below for example usage.


Extension:MediawikiPlayer- play audio and video both locally and from video sharing sites

The extension is well documented here: Extension:MediawikiPlayer#Usage (Extension help). In addition to the cases listed below you can specify your own preview image, and use remote files and youtube.

Play a youtube video


The media player is loading...

Video player (simple) (mp4, flv)




The media player is loading...

Audio player (mp3)


The media player is loading...

Video using arguments

<mediaplayer width='500' height='300'></mediaplayer>

The media player is loading...

Centring a video

Use a p tag with align to centre the video. Note that using a div will not work.

<p align="center"><mediaplayer></mediaplayer></p>

The media player is loading...

Extension:EmbedVideo - Play video from popular video sharing sites

For videos hosted on popular video sharing sites including youtube, youtubehd, dailymotion, edutopia, funnyordie, googlevdieo, inertia, revver, sevenload, and teachertube

The minimum syntax is as shown below:



  • service: the video sharing site; one of dailymotion, divshare,edutopia,funnyordie,googlevideo,interiavideo,revver,sevenload,teachertube,youtube and youtubehd
  • id: the site specific id of the video to be played.

In addition, a width, alignment (left or right) and description can optionally be provided, as shown below


For more information see Extension:EmbedVideo#Usage (Extension help). Note that the help indicates that Vimeo is supported, which is not true in the version on this site.


Minimum Syntax


Width, alignment and description

{{#ev:youtube|YKumseMIY2U|250|right|Description text for video}}

Description text for video

Description and alignment

{{#evp:youtube|YKumseMIY2U|Description text for video|right}}

Description text for video

Site examples

Below are some examples of the different sites being used. Note, not all sites have been tested.