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Created: hartti (29 Oct 2007)
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The Nokia Developer Community is an integral part of the Nokia Developer website and provides an online place where all Nokia Developer members, Nokia Developer Champions, Nokia experts, and visitors can meet and tap into the collective knowledge of the entire global Nokia developer base. This interactive service complements information and resources provided by the Nokia Developer website. The usage of our online communities has increased strongly each month, so we wanted to respond to the developers’ requests by renewing and improving the service. We have moved all information from our earlier online communities to this renewed Developer Community. Here are more details of our service.



The Lobby is the main page of the Developer Community with rich, valuable, and fresh content. In Lobby you can see with a glimpse everything that is happening in the Developer Community. You can find latest news from different sections of the Developer Community, complemented by feeds from other valuable mobile development information sources.


The Blogs serve as an auditorium for sharing and commenting on ideas. The Blogs provide online opinions and comments for developers and others interested in development of mobile applications and content. They enrich the mobile developer community by enabling online conversations with selected Nokia Developer Champions and Nokia employees who host the blogs. Comments about the blogs are often as enlightening as bloggers' thoughts themselves. The bloggers bring a broad access to the Nokia developer community, providing them with links to a wealth of information, news, and ideas.

Developer Discussion Boards

The Discussion Boards provide virtual "classrooms" where participants can ask and answer questions. Fellow developers and forum experts are there to help in these moderated discussion groups. Questions, ideas, and recommendations are filtered through Nokia experts, providing a conduit for feedback to Nokia. Whether a member needs a quick answer or just wants to bounce an idea around, the Discussion Boards can provide solutions in all areas of mobile development.


The Wiki functions as a library where visitors can find information about what to do and how to do it. It offers a storehouse of knowledge. Wiki complements Nokia Developer library by providing how-to’s and code examples based on actual application development by real developers. Information in this library can be contributed by anyone, sharpened by everyone, and commented on by all. A search on the Wiki can help make development problems melt away. Wiki includes also the Knowledge Base, which is a Nokia Developer library of known issues and technical solutions. All official Knowledge Base articles are checked by Nokia Developer technical experts and locked to prevent further editing, but of course comments can be still added for example providing further details or prompting for changes. Also, in case you have experienced some problems on Nokia devices, you are invited to create your own known issues in here.


Nokia Developer projects are hosted on Github - check them out here.

Projects and examples for Symbian and Qtcan be found in Symbian C++ Code Examples (Nokia Developer Example Code) and Qt Code Examples (Nokia Developer Example Code).

All members all welcome to contribute

All Nokia Developer community visitors may read articles, though only registered members of Nokia Developer may add articles and questions - registration is of course free of charge. We encourage members to contribute to the Discussion Boards, Wiki, and Blogs. Simply log in to the site using the Nokia Developer user name and password issued at registration. We encourage all of those who have received help in our developer community to return the favor by providing help to their peers in the community. Nokia Developer is especially appreciative of Nokia Developer Champions (see here for more information on Nokia Developer Champions): Their active involvement inspires others and reflects the true philosophy of the Nokia Developer Community.