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This Help topic shows how you can easily list the sub-pages a page. This is useful when building a tree of articles using sub-pages, for example when building a book (see Fundamentals of Symbian C++).



Display list of sub pages of current page

<splist />

Display list of sub pages of another page

<splist parent="name of other page" />

You can also sort the list by ascending or descending title or last edit, specify whether you want an ordered (list) or unordered (bulleted) list, specify whether you just want immediate "kids" or all levels, and whether you want the parent included in the output.

For more information on the syntax see: Extension:SubPageList3#Usage (Extension Help)


Basic use

<splist />
Listing_Sub-pages has no subpages to list.

Specify parent

<splist parent="Python on Symbian" />
Python_on_Symbian has no subpages to list.

Ordered list

Note, list by default includes all sub pages

<splist parent="Fundamentals of Symbian C++" liststyle=ordered/>

Ordered list sorted by last edit with only first level topics

<splist parent="Fundamentals of Symbian C++" liststyle=ordered sortby=lastedit Kidsonly=yes/>

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