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Created: Nokia Ron (07 Jun 2010)
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The Reviewer Approved star is used when a member of the Nokia Developer's community reviews and approves of an article that they did not write. The purpose of this review is to create a member generated approval system so that other members may trust the articles and code examples on the Wiki.

Tip.pngTip: Approval is only for articles you really liked. If the article still has significant flaws don't add the approval - instead add comments suggesting fixes, or even better, fix the article yourself!

To review an article, first consider how useful it is, and assess its overall quality against the Help:Wiki Article Review Checklist. If you think the article has merit, then write a short two or three paragraph wiki comment for the article describing:

  • why you felt it a good article. For example perhaps you used the code example or you felt the article was very instructive or contained information that is not captured elsewhere
  • anything you felt could be improved

Finally, for articles that are of high quality copy-paste the following template at the top of the page to add the star and a timestamp (replacing any existing version of the template):

{{ReviewerApproved|user=your user id|timestamp={{subst:CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}|text=your review comments }}

If you think the article needs a lot of work to be acceptable, instead add the ArticleNeedsUpdate template:

{{ArticleNeedsUpdate|timestamp={{subst:CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}|user=~~~|Text explaining issues(required)}}

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