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Help:Uploading Files

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This Help topic explains how to upload files on this wiki, including what files can be uploaded and under what terms and conditions. For more information see Help:Files & Images and Help:Managing Files (Mediawiki Help).


The Nokia Developer Wiki allows a large number of file types to be uploaded. The intention is that users are enhance their articles with images, downloadable archives of source code examples, and also examples that can be trialled directly on devices.

The supported file types are listed in the upload form. At time of writing these include:

  • Images: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff,
  • Archives: zip,tgz, gz
  • Installation Files: sis, wgz
  • Documents: pdf, doc, txt
  • Miscellaneous: mp3, cer, mxp

Terms and Conditions

It is a requirement for all users making a file upload or download that you accept the site Terms and Conditions. These terms allow others to access and use the material, but prohibit direct copying (for profit) of any submitted content.

Note that the terms allow other users to modify and upload new versions, and to make comments on your work. If you have any reservations about having your work publically commented or criticised then please consider carefully before posting. The Wiki environment can be 'robust' - this is a strength of the platform, but it is not for everyone!

How to make an Upload

Uploads are made using the Special:Upload form, which you can access from the Upload file link in the Toolbox sidebar menu. Once in the form, select the local file, and upload.

Please take the time to categorize and append summary information to the upload, and in the case of iterative code examples, make sure that any version information is made clear.

It is also possible to upload files from a link created in wiki text using the [[File:Filename.ext]] syntax.