How can we check character codes for space and newline symbols?

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Created: eswar_illuri (07 May 2007)
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On S60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 1 and earlier, the following codes (hex values) are used for linefeed and space symbols:
Linefeed:  0xe125
Space: 0xe118

Starting from S60 2nd Edition, FP2 and the Nokia 6630, these character codes have been changed to be the following:

Linefeed:  0xf200
Space: 0xf201

It is possible to dynamically check what codes to use by checking if the current font includes these characters.

#include <fbs.h>
#include <openfont.h>
TUid fontUid = CEikonEnv::Static()->NormalFont()->TypeUid();
if(fontUid == KCFbsFontUid)
const CFbsFont* font =
static_cast<const CFbsFont*>(CEikonEnv::Static()->NormalFont());
TOpenFontCharMetrics metrics;
const TUint8 *bitmap1, *bitmap2;
TSize size;
if(bitmap1 == bitmap2)
// glyph bitmap pointers for space + lf have
// the same value, pointing to the same 'undefined'
// bitmap -> Font does not have these chars
// Switch to using 0xF200 and 0xF201 as lf/space codes
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