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How is WiFi handled on Symbian? Is there a separate WiFi connection (IAP) for each SSID you want to connect to?

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How is WiFi handled?  Is there a separate WiFi connection (IAP) for each SSID you want to connect to?


How is wireless fidelity (WiFi)  handled?  Is there a separate WiFi connection (Internet Access Point, IAP) for each SSID you want to connect to?  Do they only appear as options when you are in range of that SSID? Is there automatic switching of any kind when you enter and exit various WiFi hot spots?
I would like to know various scenarios of WiFi connections coming and going while applications are currently connected to the Internet as well as just starting an Internet connection.


WiFi in the system is just another bearer. WiFi, as any other bearer, is configured in Internet Access Point UI. Usually, Connection Notifier Dialog (also known as IAP Selection Dialog) filters WLAN IAPs that are not on the range, based on SSID. However, in some cases a network does not broadcast its name or the network supports more than one network. In these cases the filtering should be turned off.
WLAN IAP works basically like any other Symbian Internet connection. More information about Symbian networking can be found in the SDK documentation.


There is a separate IAP for each Wi-Fi and SSID connection.

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