How to Change CEikLabel Color in Symbian C++

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This code snippet shows how to change the CEikLabel text and background colour.

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#include <gulcolor.h>
//Here iLabel is a class member of type CEikLabel*
iLabel= new (ELeave) CEikLabel;
iLabel->SetContainerWindowL( *this );
iLabel->SetTextL( _L("Some Text") );
// Using blue as foreground color
iLabel->OverrideColorL( EColorLabelText, KRgbBlue );
// Set red as background color
iLabel->OverrideColorL(EColorControlBackground, KRgbRed )

S60 3rd Edition

As discussed in this discussion thread, EColorControlBackground doesn't work for setting the background on the S60 3rd Edition emulator. Instead you can use EColorLabelHighlightFullEmphasis as shown below:

iLabel->SetEmphasis( CEikLabel::EFullEmphasis);
iLabel->OverrideColorL( EColorLabelHighlightFullEmphasis, KRgbRed ); // red background
iLabel->OverrideColorL( EColorLabelTextEmphasis, KRgbBlue ); // and blue text
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