How to Change an Image in the Context Pane

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Created: Den123 (27 Jun 2007)
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In your AppUi class use following code:

  #include <akncontext.h> 
Link against: avkon.lib
CFbsBitmap* newImage; // set new image first !
CEikStatusPane* statusPane = StatusPane();
TUid cpUid;
cpUid.iUid= EEikStatusPaneUidContext;
CEikStatusPaneBase::TPaneCapabilities subPane =
statusPane->PaneCapabilities( cpUid );
// can access context pane ?
if( subPane.IsPresent() && subPane.IsAppOwned() )
CAknContextPane* contextPane =
static_cast<CAknContextPane*>( statusPane->ControlL( cpUid ) );
contextPane->SetPicture( newImage );
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