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Tested with
Devices(s): Nokia N96
Platform(s): S60 3rd Edition
Keywords: appuifw, listbox
Created: JOM (31 Mar 2009)
Last edited: hamishwillee (31 May 2013)



This small PySymbian sample application demonstrates how to use

PySymbian offers great multi-selection listbox, with search, except it has one weakness: you cannot initialize the selections in advance. You start with no selections.

Here is a sample application to compare two built-in listboxes with one custom listbox. In every possible way the custom listbox is worse than built-in - except that you are able to initialize which items are selected at start.

The article contains code example demonstrating:

  • How to use built-in "Checkbox" multi-selection listbox
  • How to use built-in "Checkmark" multi-selection listbox
  • How to create your own multi-selection listbox, where you can initialize selections at start
  • How to use built-in checkbox icon graphics from two possible sources (webkit.mbm or avkon2.mbm)
  • How to report listbox selections
  • How to un-bind non-binded keys without crash

Code Snippet

Multi-Selection List Test
1.10 2009-04-15 Simpler code to update custom listbox selection
1.00 2009-03-31 First release

VERSION = u'1.10'
import e32
import appuifw
import key_codes
### keypress handler trick
import time
g_time = 0
my_timer = e32.Ao_timer()
# Application main body, appuifw.Text()
g_t = None
# List items for all listboxes
my_list = [u"One", u"Two", u"Three", u"Four", u"Five", u"Six"]
# Custom listbox related items, global or within class
lb3 = None # Listbox
e3 = [] # Entries: list items with icons
my_items = () # Save selections for next time
icon_on = None # Icon for selected checkbox
icon_off = None # Icon for non-selected checkbox
# Listbox icons, use built-in graphics
# See inside C:\Symbian\9.2\S60_3rd_FP1\Epoc32\include\avkonicons.hrh
# AVKON_ICON_FILE = u"z:\\resource\\apps\\avkon2.mbm"
# Listbox 1
# - Perfect, except cannot initialize selections
# - Search field works great
def menu_list1():
''' Built-in multi-selection listbox '''
items = appuifw.multi_selection_list(my_list, style='checkbox', search_field=1)
# Show what happened
appuifw.note(u"Selected: %s" % items)
# Listbox 2
# - Nice, use shift + scrolling to select several items
def menu_list2():
''' Built-in multi-selection listbox '''
items = appuifw.multi_selection_list(my_list, style='checkmark')
# Show what happened
appuifw.note(u"Selected: %s" % items)
# Listbox custom, lots of work
# - Checkbox icon for listbox (get_checkbox)
# - Handle selection on listbox (cb_select)
# - Handle closing listbox (cb_return)
# - Initialize and draw listbox (menu_list3)
# - Missing search field
def get_checkbox(a_value):
''' Checkbox icon: selected or not '''
global icon_on, icon_off
# Create only once, reuse after that
if not icon_on:
# See avkon2.mbm content (old version)
# http://alindh.iki.fi/symbian/avkon2.mbm/
# webkit checkbox looks better, but might not exist
icon_off = appuifw.Icon(u"z:\\resource\\apps\\webkit.mbm", 12, 31)
icon_on = appuifw.Icon(u"z:\\resource\\apps\\webkit.mbm", 13, 32)
# Counting on avkon2 to be there, hopefully with checkbox
icon_off = appuifw.Icon(u"z:\\resource\\apps\\avkon2.mbm", 103, 104)
icon_on = appuifw.Icon(u"z:\\resource\\apps\\avkon2.mbm", 109, 110)
if a_value:
return icon_on
return icon_off
def cb_select():
''' Callback for listbox item selection event '''
### keypress handler trick, to allow Enter/Select work
global g_time
# Ignore first and non-timer trickered events
if (not g_time) or (time.clock() - g_time < 0.1):
g_time = time.clock()
# Should be more than start keyrepeat rate
my_timer.after(0.15, cb_select)
g_time = 0
### keypress handler trick, done
# Current listbox selection
index = lb3.current()
# Change selected item icon: on <-> off
if e3[index][1] == icon_on:
new_icon = icon_off
new_icon = icon_on
e3[index] = (e3[index][0], new_icon)
# Show new list, same item selected
lb3.set_list(e3, index)
appuifw.app.body = lb3
# Make it visible
def cb_return():
''' Closing listbox, clean up and bring back main view '''
# Restore Main view
global appuifw
appuifw.app.body = g_t
appuifw.app.menu = self_options[0]
appuifw.app.exit_key_handler = cb_quit
# Save selections from listbox
global my_items
my_items = tuple(i for i,x in enumerate(e3) if x[1] == icon_on)
# Show what happened
appuifw.note(u"Selected: %s" % my_items)
def menu_list3():
''' Custom multi-selection listbox '''
global e3, lb3
e3 = []
# Mark initial selections
for item in range(len(my_list)):
if item in my_items:
icon = get_checkbox(item in my_items)
icon = get_checkbox(False)
e3.append((my_list[item], icon))
global appuifw
lb3 = appuifw.Listbox(e3, cb_select)
appuifw.app.body = lb3
appuifw.app.menu = self_options[1]
appuifw.app.exit_key_handler = cb_return
# Several ways to select item
# BUG: One press of Enter/Select gives two events: KeyDown and KeyUp
# BUG: ...or even 3+ with key repeat
# Fix: write own key handler, react only on KeyUp event
# Fix: use timer to separate "one" key press
lb3.bind(key_codes.EKeyRightArrow, cb_select)
lb3.bind(key_codes.EKeyEnter, cb_select)
lb3.bind(key_codes.EKeySelect, cb_select)
def menu_about():
''' Callback for menu item About '''
appuifw.note(u'Multi-selection List Test v' + VERSION + u'\n' +\
u'jouni.miettunen.googlepages.com\n\u00a92009 Jouni Miettunen')
def cb_quit():
''' Cleanup before exit '''
# ALWAYS cancel your timers before exit.
# User might NOT have initialized lb3 in custom listbox
# Crash when unbinding non-binded keys
global e3, lb3, icon_on, icon_off
lb3.bind(key_codes.EKeyRightArrow, None)
lb3.bind(key_codes.EKeyEnter, None)
lb3.bind(key_codes.EKeySelect, None)
# Help system clean-up, delete stuff by yourself
e3 = []
del lb3
del icon_on
del icon_off
# Done, continue exit
# Initialize application UI
self_options = [
(u"Checkbox", menu_list1),
(u"Checkmark", menu_list2),
(u"Custom", menu_list3),
(u"About", menu_about),
(u"Exit", cb_quit)
(u"Change", cb_select),
(u"Back", cb_return)
# Hox: no need to fix as portrait screen
# Supports automatic screen rotation as-is (N82)
appuifw.app.title = u'Multi-selection List Test'
appuifw.app.exit_key_handler = cb_quit
appuifw.app.menu = self_options[0]
# Create UI control and initilize instructions
g_t = appuifw.Text()
g_t.style = appuifw.STYLE_BOLD
g_t.add(u"Select listbox from Options menu:\n\n")
g_t.add(u"Checkbox: ")
g_t.style = 0
g_t.add(u"built-in listbox, looks nice, cannot initialize selections\n")
g_t.style = appuifw.STYLE_BOLD
g_t.style = 0
g_t.add(u"built-in listbox, cannot initialize selections\n")
g_t.style = appuifw.STYLE_BOLD
g_t.add(u"Custom: ")
g_t.style = 0
g_t.add(u"Looks plain, can initialize selections!\n")
# Show to user
appuifw.app.body = g_t
# Wait for user to do anything
app_lock = e32.Ao_lock()


T mslist 100 1.jpg T mslist 100 2.jpg T mslist 100 3.jpg T mslist 100 4.jpg T mslist 100 5.jpg T mslist 100 6.jpg

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