How to Display an Image in Navigation Pane Using Resources

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Created: vasant21 (14 May 2007)
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We can specify an image for the navigation pane in the resource file using the NAVI_IMAGE resource. This resource has three fields:

  • bmpfile - Specifies a .mbm file to use.
  • bmpid - Specifies an index of the bitmap to use within the .mbm file.
  • bmpmask - Optionally specifies an index of the mask to use within the .mbm file.

The following is the code snippet for .rss file :

#include <avkon.mbg>
RESOURCE NAVI_IMAGE r_yourapplication_navi_image
bmpfile = "\\system\data\avkon.mbm"; // or KAvkonBitmapFile define in avkon.rh
bmpid = EMbmAvkonQgn_stat_keyguard;

The bmpfile field specifies the .mbm file's location, and the specific bitmap to use from the file is specified by the bmpid field.

TUid naviPaneUid;
naviPaneUid.iUid = EEikStatusPaneUidNavi;
CEikStatusPane* statusPane = StatusPane();
CEikStatusPaneBase::TPaneCapabilities subPane = statusPane->PaneCapabilities(naviPaneUid);
// if we can access the navigation pane
if (subPane.IsPresent() && subPane.IsAppOwned())
CAknNavigationControlContainer* naviPane = (CAknNavigationControlContainer*)statusPane->ControlL(naviPaneUid);
// read the navigation pane image resource
TResourceReader reader;
iCoeEnv->CreateResourceReaderLC(reader, R_YOURAPPLICATION_NAVI_IMAGE);
if (iNaviDecorator)
delete iNaviDecorator;
iNaviDecorator = NULL;
// set the navigation pane image
iNaviDecorator = naviPane->CreateNavigationImageL(reader);
// pushed by CreateResourceReaderLC
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