How to Display the Uid of Applications installed on 3.0 phones

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If you have to find out the UID of all the application installed on your 3rd edition device then here is the way to do it .


The following code will display UID of all the application installed on the phone

It uses the following classes:

RApaLsSession iLsSession;
MAppUidObserver& iObserver;
RArray<TAppInfo> iApps;
class MAppUidObserver {
virtual void AppsFoundL(RArray<TAppInfo> aAppList) = 0;
       class TAppInfo
TInt32 iAppUid;
TApaAppCaption iAppCaption;
         void CAppUidViewerEngine::AppsToUiL()
TApaAppInfo apaAppInfo;
TAppInfo appInfo;
// Get info on all apps, then iterate through each app
while(iLsSession.GetNextApp(apaAppInfo) == KErrNone)
appInfo.iAppCaption = apaAppInfo.iCaption;
appInfo.iAppUid = apaAppInfo.iUid.iUid;
// iObserver.AppsFoundL(iApps);

The above snippets will extract the UID of the application and Append it in and Array which will be passed to the view class for display

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