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Following Code snippet shows "How to generate random numbers" with Symbian C++ programming.

Header required:

#include <e32math.h>


const TUint KRandomNumberSize = 6;
TBuf<KRandomNumberSize > CYrAppUi::GenerateRandom()
TBuf16<KRandomNumberSize> random(_L(""));
//Generate the random number of 6 Digits
TInt i;
for (i=0; i<KRandomNumberSize ; i++)
TInt num = Math::Random() % 10;
TBuf<1> nTmp;
return random;

Use it as below:

TBuf<KRandomNumberSize> random(GenerateRandom());

Thus random descriptor will have 6 digits random number. User can change the value of KRandomNumberSize according to his/her needs.

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