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How to Identify Device management plug-ins

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Created: symbianyucca (08 Jan 2008)
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Device management Plug-ins are Ecom plug-ins, thus you can get the plug-in information array easily by using REComSession API’s ListImplementationsL() function, the required interface UID is defined in SmlDmAdapter.h header file.

Usually Ecom plug-ins will define name & other information in their resource file, unfortunately device management plug-ins often only define their UID vale and leave other strings empty. This means that you can not know which plug-in UID corresponds to which device management plug-in by just checking the implementation array with REComSession.

And for this reason, to obtain the name of the plug-in, you actually need to construct it.

When constructing Device management plug-ins, you first construct the object with CSmlDmAdapter API’s NewL() function. This function takes the implementation UID as an argument, and it is used to load the right Ecom plug-in.

After constructing the plug-in instance, you always need to call DDFStructureL() function. This function builds the device management object tree by calling the callback you have given to the functions. A notable issue with DDFStructureL() is that it will first give the Root name to the callback function, thus you could identify each Device management plug-in by its root name.

To check which root name belongs to which device management plug-in, you could read the DDF documentation for each device management plug-in. Good amount of documentation can be found from Nokia Developer Device management documentation (archived).

Example sourse code: File:DM

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