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How to Obtain Your Own Nokia appID and Token

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This article explains how to obtain your own Nokia appId and authenticationToken in order to use the various Nokia Maps APIs

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Dependencies: HERE Maps API 2.5.3
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Created: Oskar Bukolt (30 Jan 2015)
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To use the various Nokia Maps APIs you need to obtain your own unique appId and token. These are sent to the server and verified before Nokia Maps can be loaded into your web page. To create and manage your appIds and tokens, you must register and log in using a Nokia account created at

Signing In/ Joining


  • 2) If you are a new user, click "register" to create a new account, if you already have a Nokia account enter your user name and password and skip to the next section Obtaining a new appId and Token


  • 3) Fill on your account details and click "Register"

Create account.png

  • 4) Now click "Get Started" under "New to Nokia Developer"


  • 5) Fill in your details to complete login. Make sure to choose the platforms you develop for, and agree to the Nokia Terms and Conditions.


  • 6) Finally click "Proceed with login"


Final Result

This screen appears if you have successfully created your account.

Succesful login.png

Follow the instructions on screen which advise you to restart your browser.

Obtaining a new appId and Token

Note.pngNote: A new appId and token are required for each application you create.

When you log in for the first time, the following page appears telling you that you currently have no applications. Click "Create App" to create one.

New app.png

  • 1) Give the app a name and description. Then click "Get Started".


Your details.png

Managing your appIds

Once you have created an appId and token, a summary of usage will be displayed under My apps

Your app details.png

Clicking on Manage Apps returns the appId and token and displays the statistics of usage.

Your app usage.png

Using your App Id and Token

Maps API for Web

The APP_ID and TOKEN are set in the nokia.Settings

nokia.Settings.set("appId", "APP_ID"); 
nokia.Settings.set("authenticationToken", "TOKEN");

see also:

RESTful Maps API

The APP_ID and TOKEN are appended directly to the http request:

see also:

Maps API for Java ME

The APP_ID and TOKEN are set in the ApplicationContext


see also:


This article tells you how to obtain your Nokia Maps API credentials. Please refer to HERE Maps API - Add Maps To Any Web Page to learn how to create your first Nokia Map using them.

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