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WMAPI allows Java ME applications to access messaging functionalities, as sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages. This article explains how to use it to send a simple text message.

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The following Java ME tip explains a method of sending text messages using WMAPI. In the program TextMessage interface represents a text message. The setPayloadText() method sets the characters in the message.

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  public boolean sendSms(String number, String message){
boolean result = true;
try {
//sets address to send message
String addr = "sms://"+number;
// opens connection
MessageConnection conn = (MessageConnection) Connector.open(addr);
// prepares text message
TextMessage msg =
//set text
// send message
} catch (SecurityException se) {
// probably the user has not allowed to send sms
// you may want to handle this differently
result = false;
} catch (Exception e) {
result = false;
return result;


You can download a sample MIDlet showing the code presented in this article here: Media:HowToSendTextSMSMIDlet.zip


  • Remember that a single message has a maximum size (140 bytes, which translates to 160 7-bit characters). If your message is too long to fit in one message it can be splitt to a maximum of three SMS, this is handled automatic by the WMA implementation.
  • Potentially-blocking operations, like sending a text message, should always be performed in separate threads, to avoid blocking the main MIDlet thread.

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