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Archived.pngArchived: This article is archived because it is not considered relevant for third-party developers creating commercial solutions today. If you think this article is still relevant, let us know by adding the template {{ReviewForRemovalFromArchive|user=~~~~|write your reason here}}.

Only Publisher Partner Program members will be able to submit new theme content to the Nokia Store from 1st July 2013. Carbide.ui is no longer relevant to the community and all its articles have been archived.

This article describes on how to add additional System or Third Party Icons for customization in Carbide.ui Themes.

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Created: kamalakshan (29 Jun 2009)
Last edited: hamishwillee (03 Jun 2013)

How To

  1. Open Carbide -> Window -> Preferences
    6-29-2009 7-41-14 AM.png
  2. Expand the Carbide.ui option.
  3. Select third party icons option.
  4. Click on New
  5. In the New dialog select Non-Application as in this example we are going to set Icon for 5800 Music folder.
    6-29-2009 7-46-14 AM.png
  6. Fill the Major ID and Minor ID for the folders. All Non-Application System Folders (like "Applications", "Games") are denoted by a Major ID and Minor ID. Whereas all application Icons are identified using their Application ID.
  7. Repeat the above steps for adding more icons.


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