How to alert end users about compatibility issues when installing a Nokia 9500 specific app in the Nokia 9300

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How to alert the end user about compatibility issues when installing a Nokia 9500 Communicator-specific application in the Nokia 9300 Communicator?


If you have written an application with assumptions that make your software compatible with the Nokia 9500 only, how can you alert the end user about compatibility issues upon installation?


Installer Application reads your .sis file and looks if you have declared a device dependency. If you have declared a dependency to a sis stub that cannot be found in the target, the system will show a warning note.

In the Nokia 9500 Communicator, the platform stub can be found in Series80v20.SIS. This file is located on the Nokia 9500 Communicator ROM in Z:\System\Install. The stub defines the software platform UID, and differentiates Series 80 2nd Edition from S60 and Series 80 1st Edition. The Series 80 2nd Edition UID is 0x101F8ED2.

The Nokia 9300 Communicator shares Series80v20.SIS with the Nokia 9500 Communicator. In addition to Series80v20.SIS, the Nokia 9500 Communicator has Dev9500.SIS .sis stub (UID 0x101F8DDB). Similarly, the Nokia 9300 Communicator has Dev9300.SIS stub (UID 0x101F8ED1)

If you want to define compatibility to the Nokia 9500 Communicator, you can build a dependency to Dev9500.SIS like this:

;Supports Nokia 9500 Communicator
(0x101F8DDB), 0, 0, 0, {"Series80ProductID"}

However, you should use this dependency carefully. As a rule of thumb, you should always use Series80v20.SIS (0x101F8ED2), and design your software to manage the compatibility issues.

For more information, see the Nokia Developer document "Creating Install Packages For S60.


In your .pkg file, define the compatibility with UID 0x101F8DDB, which builds a dependency to Dev9500.SIS .sis stub.

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