How to check for available storage space on Windows Phone

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This code snippet shows how to check whether a Windows Phone app has enough space to store its data using IsolatedStorageFile.

Tip.pngTip: While IsolatedStorageFile works in Windows Phone 7 and 8, if you're focussing on Windows Phone 8 only you should use the new API - see Quickstart: Working with files and folders in Windows Phone 8


Applications that write data to permanent storage can potentially fail due to out of (storage) memory errors. A well designed application should check for space before writing.

public void CheckDiskSpace(long neededSpace)
using (IsolatedStorageFile myISFile = IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication())
if (myISFile.AvailableFreeSpace < neededSpace) // if true, means there is no space available in the phone.
throw new Exception("No space available on the phone, please delete a file");

Tip.pngTip: YOu might be tempted to set a quota for your app using IsolatedStorageFile.IncreaseQuotaTo(). Note that "Windows Phone apps are not restricted to a particular quota; they should make careful use of storage based on their app scenario requirements" (MSDN documentation).


This question originated in the discussion boards: Handle low storage space condition

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