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How to check free space on memory card

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Devices(s): N78
Platform(s): S60 3rd,3rd FP1, 3rd Fp2
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Keywords: keywords=TDriveInfo,TDriveInfo::Drive(),TDriveInfo::Volume()
Created: lming (01 Nov 2008)
Last edited: hamishwillee (22 Nov 2011)

This snippet shows how the application can check whether there is enough free space on a memory card before attempting to save a file.

Source file

//necessary library
LIBRARY efsrv.lib
//necessary header file
#include <f32file.h>
RFs fileSession;
TVolumeInfo volumeInfo;
//open RFs session
//freeSpace will store number of free memory card in Bytes
TBuf<64> freeSpace;
TInt64 freeKBytes;
//Contains drive information.
TDriveInfo driveInfo;
//check all drives from A to Z
for (TInt driveNumber=EDriveA; driveNumber<=EDriveZ; driveNumber++)
//Gets information of this drive
//if this drive is EMediaNANDFlash,we find drive of Memory card
// also reported my DiBo Members that on some devices it can be EMediaHardDisk
// ref: []
if(driveInfo.iType == EMediaNANDFlash)
//recode its free space in bytes
freeKBytes = volumeInfo.iFree/1024;
//close RFs session


The freeSpace variable the free memory space in bytes, on the memory card.

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