How to check if the phone is in offline mode

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There's a CenRep key KCoreAppUIsNetworkConnectionAllowed that can be used for detecting off-line mode.

#include <CoreApplicationUIsSDKCRKeys.h>

To ask one time:

  TInt aOfflineModeOff(0);
// Connecting and initialization:
CRepository* repository = CRepository::NewL(KCRUidCoreApplicationUIs);
// Check offline mode on or not.
if (repository->Get(KCoreAppUIsNetworkConnectionAllowed, aOfflineModeOff) == KErrNone)
// Do something based on the aOfflineModeOff value
delete repository;
You might want to order notifications about the changes:
iRepository = CRepository::NewL(KCRUidCoreApplicationUIs);
iCenRepNotifyHandler =
CCenRepNotifyHandler::NewL(*this, *iRepository,
CCenRepNotifyHandler::EIntKey, KCoreAppUIsNetworkConnectionAllowed);
void CThisClass::HandleNotifyInt(
TUint32 aId,
TInt aNewValue )
if (aId == KCoreAppUIsNetworkConnectionAllowed)
// Do something based on the aNewValue
// Remeber to delete created objects in the destructor

S60 3rd, FP1

Another way to query the profile is to use the Profiles Engine Wrapper API:

#include <proengfactory.h>
#include <mproengengine.h>
MProEngEngine* engine = ProEngFactory::NewEngineLC();
TInt profileId = engine->ActiveProfileId();
if (profileId == 5) //offline
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); //engine

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