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Created: vasant21 (31 May 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (26 Jul 2012)
#include <FRMTLAY.H>
#include <FRMTVIEW.H>
#include <TXTRICH.H>
#include <GDI.H>
Link against: etext.lib
Link Againts : form.lib

// Rectangle in which to view text //
TRect iViewRectangle;
// Text Layout //
CTextLayout* iLayout;
// Text View //
CTextView* iTextView;
// Rich Text Document
CRichText* iRichText;
// Prerequisites for view - viewing rectangle
iViewRectangle=Rect(); // Construct view rectangle
// Construct layout, giving width of view rectangle
// Get graphics context
CWindowGc& gc=SystemGc();
CBitmapDevice* device=(CBitmapDevice*) (gc.Device());
// Text view
iTextView=CTextView::NewL(iLayout, iViewRectangle, device, device, &Window(),
&iCoeEnv->RootWin(),&iCoeEnv->WsSession() );
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