How to create a Bluetooth connection that can be used across your Windows Phone app

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This article explains how to create a Bluetooth connection that can be used in any page of a Windows Phone application.

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The Dev Center documentation shows how to create and use a Bluetooth connection using a new StreamSocket. However in a real app you won't create a connection every time, but instead create a single instance to be used across your whole app.

This article shows how you can create a connection that works across all pages. Note that Bluetooth stream sockets only work with Windows Phone 8 and later.


The solution is to create a static StreamSocket as part of your App class. This can then be referenced throughout your app using its full scope.

Declare the static StreamSocket in App.xaml.cs as shown:

public static StreamSocket Socket;

To use this socket in a page you can reference it using its full scope App.Socket. The line below shows how you'd create the socket.

App.Socket = new StreamSocket();

Bluetooth for Windows Phone 8 shows in more detail how to find a Bluetooth device using PeerFinder, connect to it using Socket::ConnectAsync(), and send and receive information using App.Socket.OutputStream.WriteAsync and App.odbSocket.InputStream.ReadAsync as appropriate.

Code Sample

This code sample shows how to find peers and connect to them in several pages. File:HowToKeepBT.zip


This article showed how to create a static Bluetooth connection that can be used through your app.

This approach has been verified in the test app, and also my commercial apps:


Bluetooth for Windows Phone 8 (Dev Center)


This article was only possible with super advice from my Facebook friend Olivier Bacheliez.

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