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How to create the perfect WRT Icon

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Created: Risalmin (21 Jun 2010)
Last edited: hamishwillee (19 Jul 2012)
WRT Icon.jpg



This article tries to explain how to create a good looking icon for Nokia Web apps a.k.a. WRT widgets


You can use any graphics editor of your choice, as long as it can save in png format.

File format

Portable Network Graphics. The file name must be icon.png and it must be stored in the root folder of the widget.
Depending on the type of image you have it can be sharper when you not apply anti aliasing when saving. To be sure, check on the actual device.

Color mode

The recommended colour mode is 32-bit RGBA, without background color. or with background color.

Transparency support

Alpha transparency.jpg

True alpha blending is supported. Check the support documentation of the tool you are using,
if you are unsure on how to achieve this. Basically, you can have any level of transparency in your image.


WRT Icon2.jpg
WRT Icon2.jpg

The native size for the App menu icon is 88 x 88 pixels in the Grid view and 45 x 45 pixels in the List view.
See the examples on the left for reference. The icon should be 88 x 88 pixels The system automatically scales
it down for the List view. The icon can of course be smaller, but to be able to position the icon properly or
apply a shadow effect, start with a rectangle 88 x 88, make the background transparent.
Check your graphics tools' documentation on how to achieve that. Please remember, that the pixels on the device's
screen are smaller than on your computer, so you really should always check the final outcome on the real device.

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