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How to detect if an app is running in Kid’s Corner

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This article explains how to programmatically detect whether an application is running in Kids mode on Windows Phone 8.

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SDK: Windows Phone 8.0 SDK
Devices(s): Lumia 920
Platform(s): Windows Phone 8.0
Windows Phone 8
Created: yan_ (20 Mar 2013)
Last edited: hamishwillee (04 Jul 2013)



Windows Phone 8 introduces Kid's Corner, a device mode where children can only access games, apps, videos and music that the owner approves - without risk to other important content like the address book.

Apps can make themselves more "Kid's Corner Friendly" by configuring available content, features and functionality when running in this mode. For example, this could include changing graphics, hiding menu options for in-app purchase and selecting appropriate advertisements.

This article shows how you can detect that the app is running in Alternate mode (Kids Corner).


The static property Modes of Windows.Phone.ApplicationModel.ApplicationProfile class can be used to detect if an application is running in kid’s corner mode.

This property returns an enum ApplicationProfileModes value. This enum has two members :

  • Default : application is running normally.
  • Alternate : application is running in Kid’s Corner mode.

To test the running mode, you can use this simple function :

using Windows.Phone.ApplicationModel; //required namespace
bool RunInKidsCornerMode()
return ApplicationProfile.Modes == ApplicationProfileModes.Alternate;

Test code

A code example/test code can be downloaded from here:

The example app simply uses the previous function to display the text “Run in Normal mode” or “Run in kid's corner mode”.


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