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How to dial a string (with pause characters)

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Created: kiranmudiyam (22 Oct 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (30 May 2013)

Note.pngNote: :This example uses an API which is not part of the public SDK but can be found in the SDK API Plug-in.

The classes CPhCltDialer and TPhCltExtPhoneDialData provide methods for dialing a string. (The header files can be found in PhoneClientDialAPI & PhoneClientExtensionAPI, which are part of Extensions plug-in package for S60 3rd Edition SDK for Symbian OS, for C++, Maintenance Release.

With CTelephony classes you can only dial phone numbers (so numeric input only). Dialing a string i.e., a phone number with pause characters like 'p' or 'w' is not possible using CTelephony classes and is possible only using the above mentioned classes.

Ex: 121p2


Header files

#include <CPhCltDialer.h>
#include <BAUTILS.H>
#include <CPhCltExtPhoneBase.h>
#include <TPhCltExtPhoneDialData.h>
#include <PhCltTypes.h>

Libraries used


Example code

void DialStringL( const TDesC& aNumber)
// Load the resource into CONE environment
_LIT(KPhoneClientResourceFile, "z:\\resource\\PhoneClient.rsc");
TFileName resFile(KPhoneClientResourceFile);
BaflUtils::NearestLanguageFile(CCoeEnv::Static()->FsSession(), resFile);
const TInt offset = CCoeEnv::Static()->AddResourceFileL(resFile);
// you need instance of CPhCltDialer
CPhCltDialer* dialer = CPhCltDialer::NewL();
TPhCltTelephoneNumber phoneNumber(aNumber);
TPhCltExtPhoneDialData& dialData = dialer->DialData();
// Set telephone number with pause character
// Now remove the resource file lock

Example project

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