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How to export a complete folder structure by PRJ EXPORTS

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Created: chenziteng (27 Sep 2009)
Last edited: hamishwillee (18 Sep 2012)

It is well-known that the prj_exports instruction in bld.inf file can be used to copy one file from the source directory to the SDK during the building of a component. For example specifying a C++ header file to be copied to the directory epoc32\include\.

PRJ_EXPORTS ../inc/HelloWorld.hrh /epoc32/include/HelloWorld.hrh

However, few people know that the PRJ_EXPORTS can also be used copy a complete folder structure by a line that starts with the preface :zip.

:zip zip_file [destination_path]

This instructs the build tools to unzip the specified zip file to the specified destination path. If a destination path is not specified, the source file will be unzipped in the root directory.

For example the following statements can unzip the whole folder structure within to the SDK root folder

// bld.inf
:zip \

Full example: QHelloWorld(EXIF).zip

Note: the code is used to present a generic Symbian bld.inf syntax so it doesn't have to be a S60 example. It actually a UIQ3 example so will not be built without errors on a S60 SDK, but you can do observe that the files and folders will be extracted.

See also:

"prj_exports in bld.inf file syntax"

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