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How to format an S60 device

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Warning.pngWarning: This procedure is not intended to be carried on by end-users. Backup must be performed before attempting to format the phone as all the data currently on it will be deleted as a result of the format operation.

Formatting a Symbian device:

  • Soft Reset (*#7780#): This is a normal reset. It will load the original settings from the phone's ROM. However, it will retain the user's own data. Like images, music, installed applications etc.
  • Hard Reset (*#7370#): This method completely reformats the C: drive (phone memory). All the user information will be deleted. Like images, music files, installed applications etc. Hence, the phone is set to the default factory settings.

On performing any of above methods of formatting the phone, device will ask you for a security/lock code. Default code is 12345.

Data stored on E: drive (memory card) will not be affected by these sequences.

And please never use method descriped below here (it might leave your device in bad state):

* Switch Off the device.
* Press and Hold down the keys Green/Talk + 3 + *. 
* Switch On the device.
* If everything goes well then you will see "Formatting" screen.

Note: Please make sure that your device is fully charged before you proceed with formatting the device. If the battery goes down during this procedure, It may result in inconsistent state of your device.

What to do after formating the devices phone memory

Before format a S60 handset be sure that you have a made a backup of the phone memory. Either with the build in backup program of your device or with the program Content Copier of the Nokia PC Suite. For a strong backup procedure, make a backup with both programs before format the device.

To format a S60 device follow this wiki link.

When the device is back do one of the following steps:

  • The first important actions is to restore the previosly made backup!! Do this step before any other action!!! You can do this either with the build in backup program on the device or with the program Content Copier from he Nokia PC Suite.
  • Restart the device

A few programs and in this case that means only the program binaries and resources are not backed up by the backup process. Install this program in the newest version after restoring the device phone memory.

  • Nokia maps
  • Nokia Share Online Update

If JavaME programs installed on the device, e.g. enhanced S60 calculator, widsets or GMail Client for S60, use the MIDlet Restore program to reactivate this programs. Now reinstall is needed, only run this program. This process takes a fews minutes or longer if you have many JavaME programs.

The connected Bluetooth devices list are also not included in the backup. So register this devices after the restore, e.g.

  • Nokia BT receiver LD 3W
  • Nokia BT headset BH503

After all this actions, to as last action an final restart oh the device.

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