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How to get GDR fonts

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Symbian Fonts

Most of us are familiar with the True Type Fonts (TTF) used by the Windows Operating System.

Symbian OS has its own font store file format (GDR). In order to use different TTF fonts into your Symbian application, they need to be converted to GDR fonts.

Getting a GDR font

Conversion from TTF to GDR font can be done using the KVT Symbian Font Converter (Homepage:, Support:, Download:

This converter is very useful for displaying native language fonts used in language-specific mobile applications.

(The converter is freely available on the Internet though the original website is inaccessible at present)

Using the Converter

This conversion tool has to be first installed to your computer. Further, provide the input file (TTF) and the path where to save the output file(GDR).

Also a name for the GDR font file can be given. Clicking on "Start" will generate the GDR file at the given path.

This GDR file should be copied to the /system/fonts folder of any drive (of the mobile device).

The GDR file can also be provided with the sis file so that it will be placed in the mobile device along with the system files of the application using the font.

The font is now read to use. For using fonts refer to: How_to_install_a_font_file

Important Note

If the gdr fonts are to be used commercially, one should have legal rights to use the corresponding TTF font file. If in doubt, always use fonts freely available on the Internet.

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