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How to get IMEI on 7710

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Created: huwell (27 Jun 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (03 Feb 2012)

We could use PlpVariant to get imei in S60 2nd Edition development.

#if !defined(__WINS__) && !defined( __WINSCW__ )
PlpVariant::GetMachineIdL( iImei );
iImei.Copy( KDefaultIMEI );

But it cannot work on 7710. We should use Etel3rdParty to read IMEI.

/* Declare the client class */ 
class CClientApp : public CActive
// Construction
void ConstructL();
// Destruction
// Issue request: retrieve IMEI
void GetIMEI();
// Cancel request
void DoCancel();
// Service completed request
void RunL();
CTelephony* iTelephony; // telephony object we own
CTelephony::TPhoneIdV1 iV1;
CTelephony::TPhoneIdV1Pckg* iPkg;
/* Define the client class */
void CClientApp::ConstructL()
iPkg = new (ELeave) CTelephony::TPhoneIdV1Pckg(iV1);
iTelephony = CTelephony::NewL();
Cancel(); // if any request outstanding, calls DoCancel() to cleanup
delete iTelephony;
delete iPkg;
void CClientApp::GetIMEI()
iTelephony->GetPhoneId(iStatus,*iPkg );
void CClientApp::RunL()
TBuf<50> retrievedIMEI;
if ( (iStatus == KErrNone) )
retrievedIMEI = (*iPkg)().iSerialNumber;
void CClientApp::DoCancel()

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