How to get a list of all apps installed on a Symbian device

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Devices(s): All (Symbian OS)
Platform(s): S60, Series 80
Keywords: RApaLsSession::GetAllApps()
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The following code creates a text file containing a list of all applications and their UID values. It can be run on any Symbian OS phone.


 #include <f32file.h>    // link against efsrv.lib
#include <apgcli.h> // link against apgrfx.lib, apparc.lib
_LIT(KFileName, "c:\\applications.txt");
const TInt KMaxSize = 512;
LOCAL_C void WriteAppInfoToFileL()
RFs fs;
RFile file;
RApaLsSession lsSession;
// Connect to file server
User::LeaveIfError( fs.Connect() );
CleanupClosePushL( fs );
// Connect to application architecture server
User::LeaveIfError( lsSession.Connect() );
CleanupClosePushL( lsSession );
// Open (replace if exists) the file for writing
file.Replace( fs, KFileName, EFileWrite | EFileStreamText );
CleanupClosePushL( file );
TApaAppInfo appInfo;
TBuf<KMaxSize> buf;
TBuf8<KMaxSize> fileBuf;
// Get info on all apps, then iterate through each app
// and write its info (caption, name, uid) to file
while( lsSession.GetNextApp( appInfo ) == KErrNone )
buf.AppendNum( (TUint)aInfo.iUid.iUid, EHex );
buf.Append( _L("\t") );
buf.Append( appInfo.iCaption );
buf.Append( _L("\t") );
buf.Append( appInfo.iFullName );
fileBuf.Copy( buf );
fileBuf.Append( _L("\n") );
file.Write( fileBuf );
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy( 3 ); // file, lsSession, fs
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