How to get file system drive information using Symbian C++

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This article shows how to use RFs::DriveList() to get an array containing a bitmap of attributes for all drives.

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Code snippet

The drive list consists of an array of 26 bytes. Array index 0 corresponds to drive A, 1 equals B etc. The array member value is a bitmap of drive attributes, or 0 if there is no such drive. The following code prints each drive in the drive list as a letter, followed by the hex value of the integer indicating the drive's attributes.

#include <f32file.h>
TDriveList drivelist;
TChar driveLetter; TInt driveNumber=EDriveA;
_LIT(KDrive,"%c: %02x ");
if (drivelist[driveNumber])
console->Printf(KDrive, TUint(driveLetter), drivelist[driveNumber]);
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