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How to get the current screen orientation using Symbian C++

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Keywords: CAknAppUiBase::Orientation(), TAppUiOrientation, CCoeEnv.
Created: vasant21 (17 Oct 2008)
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This article shows how to get the current screen orientation using Symbian C++

Using screen dimensions

Below is a reliable way to query the screen dimensions, and hence determine orientation, using Symbian C++.

CWsScreenDevice* screenDevice = CEikonEnv::Static()->ScreenDevice();
const TSize& screenSize = screenDevice->SizeInPixels();
if (screenSize.iWidth > screenSize.iHeight)
// LayoutLandscape;
// LayoutPortrait;

Using CAknAppUiBase::Orientation()

This snippet below shows how to get current orientation by using CAknAppUiBase::Orientation().

Warning.pngWarning: Note that the value returned is simply the value that the app itself defines using SetOrientation() - and will return EAppUiOrientationUnspecified if not set.

You cannot call CAknAppUiBase::Orientation() directly in a class which is not derived directly or indirectly from CAknAppUiBase or if you do not have access to AppUi instance, then you can also fetch the information using CCoeEnv.

This snippet can be self-signed and we assume that we already have a working GUI based application.

The following capabilities and libraries are required:

LIBRARY avkon.lib


#include <aknappui.h>
CCoeEnv* env = CCoeEnv::Static();
if( env )
CAknAppUiBase* appUiBase = REINTERPRET_CAST( CAknAppUiBase*, env->AppUi() );
if( appUiBase )
* Possible values for TAppUiOrientation are :
* EAppUiOrientationUnspecified,
* EAppUiOrientationPortrait,
* EAppUiOrientationLandscape,
* EAppUiOrientationAutomatic

CAknAppUiBase::TAppUiOrientation orientation = appUiBase->Orientation();
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