How to insert text on the navipane of a Symbian app

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This article shows how to insert text onto the navi-pane of a Symbian application.

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Created: eswar_illuri (04 May 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (30 May 2013)
CAknNavigationControlContainer* iNaviPane = 0;
CAknNavigationDecorator* iNaviDecorator = 0;
//Get the reference of the status pane
CEikStatusPane *statusPane = iEikonEnv->AppUiFactory()->StatusPane();
if ( statusPane )
//Get the reference of the navi pane
iNaviPane=static_cast<CAknNavigationControlContainer*>(statusPane->ControlL( TUid::Uid(EEikStatusPaneUidNavi)) );
//Create a Navi decorator object
iNaviDecorator= iNaviPane->CreateEditorIndicatorContainerL();
//Get the reference of the indicator container inside the NaviDecorator
CAknIndicatorContainer* indiContainer = static_cast<CAknIndicatorContainer*>(iNaviDecorator->DecoratedControl());
if ( indiContainer && CEikStatusPaneBase::Current() )
TBuf<32> msgSize;
msgSize.Append(_L("Add Text here")); // Text to be displayed
TUid::Uid( EAknNaviPaneEditorIndicatorMessageLength ), msgSize );
indiContainer->SetIndicatorState(TUid::Uid( EAknNaviPaneEditorIndicatorMessageLength ), EAknIndicatorStateOn);
//Push the object onto the navi pane.
iNaviPane->PushL( *iNaviDecorator );
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